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Gearing up for Oktoberfest with XNA

In October of 2009 we decided to spice up the local Oktoberfest with some technology.

Using an Xbox 360, a 52″ LCD TV, and some liberally applied XNA via C# we cooked up some pretty good results.

It all started with the problem that we needed to display which beers we had on tap at any given time. The old method was using magnetic signs but we also wanted to show some videos during the event. So we brainstormed a little and came up with the idea of writing a video game in C# that would run off the Xbox 360. The idea was that we could change the beers currently on tap (and displayed on our huge 52″ LCD) using the wireless controller. We wired the videos up to a countdown and the played along at specified times during the event.

The idea was a little crazy at first, but the results were phenomenal. The crowd reaction was hard to put into words and the other breweries presenting beer that day were less than enthusiastic about our stealing the show.

This is a video clip of what happened on screen when we used the wireless controller to change the beer. HINT: Crank up your speakers for this one to get the full effect!

Here is a really good blogpost about the event involving us:

This is a clip of the crowd reaction, the video isn’t the greatest quality but we managed to rock the house.