15 April, 2019

Long Time, No Blog

It has been too long since I have taken the time to add some new content here. This blog has always been something I would occasionally hop into and jot something down but not really make a concerted effort to keep up to date. There has always been higher priorities in life like juggling a large consulting project, raising 2 young boys, and perhaps more hobbies than any person should rightly have. Dedicating time to write is important, not just for professional growth but for personal growth as well.

Writing is a large part of the work I do as a software engineer. Not simply because I'm sending daily emails or having conversations in slack, but because effective communication is so important to the work we do. Writing easily digestible documentation for designs and clearly communicating ideas to other developers is crucial for successfully leading a software team.

It's also important to give back to the technology community with whatever insight my years may have given me. After all, much of my education came from others online who were willing to spend their time to communicate out new ideas, better ways to build software, and help the next generation learn and grow.

It's time to dedicate some time to writing, and give back to the community.

Upcoming Articles

I will be writing a series on GraphQL and more advanced patterns for microservices architectures.

  • GraphQL: Schema Stitching with Apollo
  • GraphQL: Proxy and Schema Filtering
  • GraphQL: Gateway Service patterns