16 February, 2017

Make Git Bash Awesome Again

Add some spice to git bash to help battle the cubicle blues.


Add some sweet ascii art

Edit your ~/.bashrc file and add the following

cat << EOF

<insert ascii art here>


Spice up the prompt

This one is a little more tricky, but start by editing the C:\Program Files\Git\etc\profile.d\git-prompt.sh You will see a line that starts


Edit this line to make whatever your heart desires. Here is a fun one that creates the shrug emoji.

PS1='\[\033]0;$TITLEPREFIX:${PWD//[^[:ascii:]]/?}\007\]' # set window title
PS1="$PS1"'\n'                 # new line
PS1="$PS1"'\[\033[32m\]'       # change to green
PS1="$PS1"'\u@\h '             # user@host<space>
PS1="$PS1"'\[\033[35m\]'       # change to purple
PS1="$PS1"'¯\(°_o)/¯ '         # shrug
PS1="$PS1"'\[\033[33m\]'       # change to brownish yellow
PS1="$PS1"'\w'                 # current working directory

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