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Sort Table Columns with Angular and Typescript

Here is a simple method for adding sorting to any table in Angular 2+. It's a simple approach that allows you to define how the table is filled with data, instead of the table sort forcing you to use either client side or server side.

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REST API Testing with Cucumber and Javascript

There are a great many tools available for testing REST Api's by various vendors, open source plugins, browser plugins, and the old classic curl. If you're looking for a really simple way to test REST Api's that is easy to maintain and entirely automated then you should consider using Cucumber with Javascript.

Using Opentoken in Hapi.js

This plugin will allow Hapi to authentication against PINGFederate Opentoken endpoints.

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Working with Themes in Hapi.js

This plugin will add a view handler to Hapi.js routes to serve themeable content. This allows you serve different stylesheets by theme name, serve different layout files, or whatever you need. Content can be themed by url (default), http header, or a custom function.

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Streaming files to Azure Blob Storage with Node.js

Microsoft has done an excellent job of building a cloud solution that is downright fun to work with, regardless of the language or toolset you want to use. They are regularly releasing updated API's and new cloud service offerings, have remained competitive in their pricing, and have even (wait for it) been called "visionary". The feature that I enjoy the most is the ease of configuration of their various offerings, most can be configured in a couple clicks and up and running in less than a minute. This really helps ease you into a nice deployment cycle right off the bat, especially if you take advantage of automatic Github or TFS deployments. Enough talk! Show us the code!

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Push Notifications from a Child Process using Node, Angular, and Socket.IO

It seems that every example on the internet involving Node and web sockets is some sort of chat application. Let's break out of the mold for a bit and do something a little different.